Saddle Mountain 2007

This was my first visit to Saddle Mountain in 2007 and I wanted to hike to the top to see if the lewisias were blooming.  The trail starts out pretty steep and I usually don’t get tired until I get to the water tank which is probably about a 100 yards from the parking lot.  The hike is a lot easier when you carry a camera because there are lots of opportunities to take pictures of the flowers while you are catching your breath.


There are two approaches to taking pictures.  One is to take the picture of a life time of your favorite flower and the other is to chronicle what is blooming.  My primary interest was to make a list but of course, I might get lucky.  I saw only one trillium and one pink erythronium still blooming.  The larkspurs, shooting stars, prickly currant and salmon berries are looking a little ragged.  Fairy bells, columbine, ginger, iris, bells, bleeding heart, thimble berries, phlox and fritillarias are blooming.  Our false Solomon seals, vanilla leaf, meadow rue and inside-out-flowered are beginning to show.  The goat’s beard, tiger lilies, onions, copper bush and lewisias have budded out will be showing their flowers in the near future.     


I turned around at the first peak (the two mile mark).  The second peak is another mile and the trail is quite steep.  It seemed prudent to save that part of the hike for a much cooler day.  I wore my pedometer and it indicated that I had walked 6.94 miles instead of 4 miles.  I realized that my stride going up hill is less than the calibration setting for level ground, but I was inclined to agree with the pedometer.


Wear a hat, bring along plenty of water and a snack.  Enjoy the flowers and the view and know that you are very fortunate to be there.                        

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