Tri-State Corner

Tuesday March 31st 2015. Hwy 30, I-5, 205 and I-84 to The Dalles for
our traditional stop at McDonalds. Saw the Queen of the West paddling
up the Columbia and the cherry orchards blooming along Hwy 197. Hwy
216 to Sherars Bridge and then along the Deschutes River to Maupin.
Hwy 197 and 97 to Madras and then Hwy 126 to Prineville. Hwy 27 and
Millican Cutoff to Hwy 20 and a stop at Chickahominy Reservoir.
Dinner at Burns and then Hwy 205 to the Narrows and Malheur Field

4/1 Wednesday. Business day for Larry and a rest day for me.
I caught up on my reading, (The House of Sky by Ivan Doig). Drove
into Burns for dinner and diesel. Huge flocks of Ross’s Geese and a
few Sand Hill Cranes along Hwy 205.

4/2 Thursday. Hwy 205, Hwy 78 and Hwy 95 to McDermitt on the Ore-Nev
border for lunch. Heading east we crossed the Fort McDermiitt indian
Reservation followed the road along the North Fork of the Quinn River.
Four wheel drive high clearance vehicles highly recommended. Rolling
hills of low growing sagebrush and we saw a herd of pronghorn
antelope. The elevation is a little over 6,000 foot elevation and the
roads are not well marked. We found the Ore-Nev border but probably
didn’t go quite far enough to find the tri-state marker.
None-the-less, I have been to the South Eastern corner of Oregon and I
am well pleased with our effort.

A bonus to our trip was a visit to Anderson’s Crossing on the Little
Owyhee River. I expected to see a bridge but there isn’t one. The
river is dry a little later in the year and we elected to wait. The
canyon here is quite picturesque. We then headed back to Burns and
spent the night at Days Inn.

4/3 Friday. On the way home, we went down the Deschutes river from
Sherars Falls to Jones Canyon.  Had a interesting conversation with
the local sheriff and he confirmed that rocky mountain sheep are
fairly common in the canyon but they don’t have mountain goats.
Service Berry, Bitter Brush, Service Berry and Balsom Root were
blooming and I saw a Mourning Cloak Butterfly. This is a dead end
road and we returned to the falls before heading for home.

Beautiful weather for this trip but there were some showers on I-84 in
the Gorge on our way home. Great trip and we logged about a 1,000
miles driving the diagonal of Oregon between Rainier and McDermitt.

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