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Tapertip Onion “Allium acuminatum”

Monday, June 30th, 2008


Tapertip Onion “Allium acuminatum” Lily Family (Liliaceae)  Perennial with bulb, plant 6-12″ tall, grass like leaves that wither prior to flowering, flower clusters rose to purple and occasionally white, distinct odor of onions.  Blooms in early summer in dry rocky sites in Eastern & Western Or. & Wa. 

Photo: Ochoco Mts. near Prineville, Or. 6/17/2008   © 2008 mkellar

Nevada lewisia “Lewisia nevadensis”

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008


Nevada lewisia “Lewisia nevadensis” Purslane Family (Portulacaceae).  Perennial, plant 1-4″ tall & 3-5″across, flowers white with greenish veins, Blooms  June to August in wet meadows in the mountains of Or. and Wa. 

Photo:  Ochoco Mts. near Prineville, Or.  6/16/08     © 2008 mkellar

Neakhanie Mountain

Sunday, June 15th, 2008


I took this from the top of Neakhanie Mt. just south of Cannon Beach probably about three years ago.  Quite a nice view from the top.  Cheers/~m

Photo:  Neakhanie Mountain.   © 2005 mkellar