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Old barn

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008


This is a photo I took last year of an old barn on Hwy 30 near Clatskanie, Or.  There was probably no Hwy 30 to Astoria when the barn was built.

Photo: Clatskanie, OR 2007    © 2007 mkellar

More Snow

Thursday, December 25th, 2008


Time to mow the snow

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008


Creek Trillium “Pseudotrillium rivale”

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008


Creek Trillium “Pseudotrillium rivale”  formerly “Trillium rivale”, Lily Family (Liliaceae).  Perennial, bulbous rhizome, plant 1.5 to 6″ tall, flowers white and spattered with pink or purple.  Blooms in early spring in moist soils near wooded areas in S.W. Or.

Photo:  Near Selma, Or. 4/28/2007.    © 2007 mkellar

Leaning Silo

Monday, December 15th, 2008


I have driven by this old barn just South of St. Helens, OR on Hwy 30 for many years and have watched the silo tip little by little in imitation of the “Leaning Tower of Pisa”.  It is a battle of wills and I have every intention of being the last one standing. 

Photo:  St Helen’s Or. 12/11/2008   © 2008 mkellar

Lilac Conifer Cortinarius

Friday, December 12th, 2008


Lilac Conifer Cortinarius,  Cap violet and up to 5″ across, stalk lilac to purple and up to 5″ tall.  Gills cinnamon to rusty brown.  The spore print is rusty brown and the mushroom has a fruity smell.  Non edible. 

Photo:  Near Rainier, Or 12/11/2008    © 2008 mkellar

Prickly Currant “Ribes lacustre”

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008


Prickly Currant “Ribes lacustre” Gooseberry Family “Grossulariaceae”  Perennial shrub 1-4′ tall,  weak spines on the stems, leaves 3-7 lobes, flowers with green to purplish sepals forming a disk and small pink to purplish petals, fruit shiny black.  Blooms in early summer in moist locations in low to mid elevations in Or. & Wa. 

Photo:  Cone Peak near Sweet Home, Or. 6/4/2007   © 2007 mkellar

Common Teasel “Dipsacus fullonum”

Thursday, December 4th, 2008


Common Teasel “Dipsacus fullonum” Teasel Family (Dipsacaceae).  Biennial, plant 3-6′ tall with cone-shaped flower head, flowers lilac to pink blooming in a ring around the cone, starting at the base and gradually moving up the flower head.  Blooms in the summer in disturbed moist soils at lower elevations through out Or. & Wa.  Introduced from Europe and the seed heads were used to raise the nap on cloth. 

Photo:  Near Rainier, Or. 7/8/2008    © 2008 mkellar

Common Dandelion “Taraxacum officinale”

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008


Common Dandelion “Taraxacum officinale” Sunflower Family (Asteraceae).  Perennial, plant 2-8″ tall, stems hollow with milky sap, flowers yellow with 70 or more ray flowers. seeds olive-tan.  Grows in meadows and disturbed areas throughout Or. & Wa.   Nonnative.

Photo:  Saddle Mt. near Seaside, Or.  5/29/2007.    © 2007 mkellar

Spotted Tussock Moth “Lophocampa maculata”

Monday, December 1st, 2008


Spotted Tussock Moth “Lophocampa maculata”,  Reportedly these caterpillars start out white and eventually look like a wooly bear with spots and long hair.  They apparently feed on oak, maple and alder.
Photo:  Rainier, Or 9/23/2008   © 2008 mkellar