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Great Blue Heron “Ardea herodias”

Sunday, June 21st, 2009


Great Blue Heron “Ardea herodias”  Length 46″. wingspan 72″ and weight 5.3 lbs,  This long legged bird is common seen wading in shallow ponds throughout the United States.  Photo:  Trojan Ponds near Rainier, Or 6/11/2009  © Marvin Kellar

Dwarf Skullcap “Scutellaria nana”

Thursday, June 18th, 2009


Dwarf Skullcap “Scutellaria nana” Mint Family (Lamiaceae)  Perennial, Plant 3-6″ tall, leaves basal, flowers 3/4″ and tubular with a ridge, white to light yellow and lower lip purple spotted.  Blooms early summer in dry volcanic soils in Or and Wa  Photo near Bend Or 6/9/2009  © Marvin Kellar

Shrubby Penstemon “Penstemon fruticosus var. fruticosus”

Monday, June 15th, 2009


Shrubby Penstemon “Penstemon fruticosus var. fruticosus” Snapdragon Family (Scrophulariaceae).  Perennial, Plant 3-8″ tall forming broad mats.  Leaves dark green and leathery.  Flowers lavender, tubular and 1-2″ long.  Blooms summer in rocky areas at higher elevations in Or & Wa.  Photo:  Three Creeks Lake Road near Sisters, Or.  6/10/2009  © Marvin Kellar

Nootka Rose “Rosa nutkana”

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009


Nootka Rose “Rosa nutkana” Rose Family (Rosaceae)  Perennial, plant 3-6′ tall.  Leaves divided into 3-7 segments.  Flowers solitary, pink and 2-3″ across.  Blooms late spring-early summer in damp areas in Western Or & Wa and in the Blue Mts. of S.E. Wa. & N.E. Or.  Photo:  Near Rainier, Or  6/08/2009  © Marvin Kellar

Cascara “Rhamnus purshiana”

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009


Cascara “Rhamnus purshiana” Buckthorn Family (Rhamnaceae)  Perennial Small tree to 30′, leaves 3-6″ long and strongly ribbed, flowers less than 1/4″ diameter and greenish, berries purplish black.  Blooms late spring-early summer in the open woods of Western Or and Wa.  The bark has been harvested for its laxative qualities.  Photo:  Near Rainier, Or 6/08/2009  © Marvin Kellar

Ninebark “Physocarpus capitatus”

Monday, June 8th, 2009


Ninebark “Physocarpus capitatus” Rose Family (Rosaceae)  Perennial, Shrub 6-20′ tall, bark shredding into several layers,  flower approx 0.5″ diameter and formed in a ball.  Blooms late spring-early summer along streams and other moist areas in Western Or and Wa.  Photo:  Near Rainier, Or 6/08/2009  © Marvin Kellar

Woods Buttercup “Ranunculus uncinatus”

Thursday, June 4th, 2009


Woods Buttercup “Ranunculus uncinatus” Buttercup Family (Ranunculaceae). Perennial, 6-24″ tall, leaves lobed and sub-divided, flowers with 2-5 yellow petals that are relatively inconspicuous or absent.  Blooms in late spring-early summer in moist woods and along streams throughout Or & Wa.  Photo: Near Rainier, Or 5/12/2005  © Marvin Kellar

Multnomah Falls

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009


Multnomah Falls is the fourth highest in the U.S.   The water falls 542′ into a plunge pool and then falls an additional 69′ in a secondary falls at the base before it flows into the Columbia River.  Photo:  Columbia River Gorge, OR 2/01/2005  © Marvin Kellar