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Large Flowered Collomia “Collomia grandiflora”

Thursday, August 27th, 2009


Large Flowered Collomia “Collomia grandiflora” Phlox family (polemoniaceae).  Annual, plant 6-36″ tall, flowers salmon or occasionally yellow or white, pollen bright blue.  Blooms in the summer in dry areas throughout Or & Wa.  Photo:  Devine Canyon near Burns, Or  6/20/2009 © Marvin Kellar

Western Coneflower “Rudbeckia occidentalis”

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009


Western Coneflower “Rudbeckia occidentalis”  Sunflower family (asteraceae).  Perennial, plant 2-6′ tall, leaves 4-10″ long, the round purple-brown disks becomes a 1″ cone with small yellow flowers.  Blooms in summer in damp mountains meadows of Or & Wa.  Photo:  Mt Emily near LaGrande, Or 7/17/2009  © Marvin Kellar

Broadleaf Bluebells “Mertensia ciliata”

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009


Broadleaf Bluebells “Mertensia ciliata”,  Borage Family (Boraginaceae).  Perennial, plant 1-4′ tall, upper leaves without stems, flowers blue and the tube portion approx as long as the bell.  Blooms in the summer in soggy areas in the mountains of Or & Wa.  Photo:  Near Jubilee Lake N.E of Enterprise, Or  7/17/2009  © Marvin Kellar

Lewis and Clark Bridge

Monday, August 17th, 2009


Lewis and Clark Bridge across the Columbia River.   Photo:  Rainier, Or  8/17/2009  © Marvin Kellar

Deer Mushroom “Pluteus cervinus”

Sunday, August 16th, 2009


Deer Mushroom “Pluteus cervinus”  Stalk approximately 5″ tall, cap about 6″ in diameter with a slightly raised center.  Cap is light brown becoming darker with age.  Gills white and turning pink with age.  Spore print pinkish-brown.  Found on decaying wood throughout North America.  Reportedly edible but not choice.  Photo:  Near Rainier, Or  8/14/2009  © Marvin Kellar

Blazing Star “Mentzelia laevicaulis”

Thursday, August 6th, 2009


Blazing Star “Mentzelia laevicaulis” Loasa Family (Loasaceae)  Perennial, plant 1-3′ tall, leaves sawtoothed and coarsely haired, flowers 2-5″ diameter with five yellow petals and many yellow stamens.  Blooms in summer in sandy, gravelly soils in Eastern Or & Wa and S.W. Or.  Photo:  Malheur Bird Refuge near Burns, Or 7/03/2009  © Marvin Kellar

Primrose Monkeyflower “Mimulus primuloides”

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

_MG_5920_1_1_1Primrose Monkeyflower “Mimulus primuloides” Snap Dragon Family (Scrophulariaceae)  Perennial, Plant 2-5″ tall, leaves basal, petals yellow, lower petals have a red dot and are notched.  Blooms summer in wetland areas in Or and also in the Wa Cascades.  Photo:  Strawberry Mt near Senica, Or  6/20/2009  © Marvin Kellar