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Sticky Geranium “Geranium viscossissimum”

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Sticky Geranium “Geranium viscossissimum” Geranium Family (Geraniaceae).  Perennial, plant 1-3ft tall and sticky to touch, flowers pink to rose and approx 1″ diameter.  Summer blooming in the meadows of Eastern OR & WA.  Top photo:  Vinegar Hill in eastern OR. 6/14/2007.   Lower photo:   Zumwalt Prairie in N.E. OR. 6/07/2005

Snowbrush “Ceanothus velutinus”

Monday, December 27th, 2010


Snowbrush “Ceanothus velutinus” Buckbrush Family (Rhamnaceae)  Perennial, plant 3-12′ tall, leaves evergreen, fragrant and finely toothed.  Flowers white and in rounded oval clusters.  Blooms in early summer in dry woods an thickets.  Upper Photo:  Steens, Mt in S.E. OR 7/04/2008.  Lower photo: S.E. of Sisters, Or  6/10/2009

Wyoming Paintbrush “Castilleja linarifolia”

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

Wyoming Paintbrush “Castilleja linarifolia” Snapdragon Family (Scrophulariaceae)  Perennial, plant 1-3′ tall, leaves with rolled edges and turning from gray-green to purple, flowers tubular and yellow-green, colorful bracts orange to red.  Summer blooming in in dry sagebrush in Eastern OR.  Top Photo:  Also with buckwheat and lupine on Steens  Mt in S.E. OR 7/04/2008.  Bottom Photo  Near the Alvord Desert in S.E. OR  5/30/2010

Nuttall’ls Linanthus “Linanthus nuttallii”

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Nuttall’ls Linanthus “Linanthus nuttallii”  Phlox Family (Polemoniaceae).  Perennial, plant 4-8″ tall and fragrant, leaves linear, flowers white to cream with a yellow throat.  Blooms in summer in rocky soils in south eastern OR.  Photo Steens Mt in southeastern OR 7/04/2008

American Speedwell “Veronica americana”

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

American Speedwell “Veronica americana” Snap Dragon Family (Scrophulariaceae)  Perennial, plant 6-36″ tall, leaves lance shaped, flowers violet-blue and less than 1/2″ across.  Blooms summer in wet areas through OR & WA.  Photo:  near Seneca, OR 7/07/2008.

Common Yarrow “Achillea millefolium”

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Common Yarrow “Achillea millefolium” Sunflower Family (Asteraceae) Perennial, plant 6-24″ tall with feathery, aromatic leaves. Usually 5 white ray flowers surround clusters of 10-30 white disk flowers. Blooms all summer in variable habitats throughout OR and WA. The blue butterflies are probably Silvery Blues “Glaucopsyche lygdamus” and they are identified by the pattern of dots visible only when the wings are folded.  Top photo: Near Elgin, OR. 6/29/2004.  Bottom photo: Near Seneca, OR 7/07/2008

Inside-out Flower “Vancouveria hexandra”

Thursday, December 16th, 2010
Inside-out Flower “Vancouveria hexandra”  Barberry Family (Berberidaceae), Perennial, plant 8-18″ tall, 3 lobed leaves arising from base, flowers white or cream-colored with petals flared back.  Blooms in early summer in shaded woods of Western Or. & Wa. Photo:  Rainier, Or. 5/23/2008

Forster’s Tern “Sterna forsteri”

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Forster’s Tern “Sterna forsteri” in breeding plumage.  Length 12 inches, wingspan 30 inches and weight 5 ounces.  Photo:  Malheur Wildlife Refuge near Burns, OR  7/06/2008

Black-tailed Deer

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

Black-tailed Deer “Odocoileus heminus columbianus”  This young black tail was hanging around my back yard eating grass and munching on the shrubbery.   Photo:  Near Rainier, OR 12/11/2010

Turkey Vulture “Cathartes aura”

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Turkey Vulture “Cathartes aura”  Length 26 inches, wingspan 67 inches and weight 4 pound.  Turkey vultures fly  off each morning at daylight to find carrion and they return in the afternoon to roost on this tower.  You may see  as many as 100 birds roosting on the tower which is located at the “P Ranch” near French Glen in southwestern OR.  Photo: 7/04/2008