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Sandhill Crane “Grus canadensis”

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

_MG_5042 - Version 2Sandhill Crane “Grus canadensis”  Length 46″, wingspan 77″ and weight 10 pounds.  The upper photo may be a bunch of young males out for a stroll near Burns, OR  3/17/2013.  The lower photo is probably part of a courtship display to impress the females.  Photo: near Lakeview, OR  3/15/2012.

Rough-legged Hawk “Buteo lagopus”

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

_MG_5089Rough-legged Hawk “Buteo lagopus” Length 21″,wingspan 53″ and weight 2.2 lbs. This is an arctic hawk that winters in the western and northeastern U.S.  Upper Photo:  Near Burns in S.E. OR  3/16/2013

Lower Photos:  Near Burns in S.E. Oregon  12/19/2011

Ring-billed Gull “Larus delawarensis”

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Ring-billed Gull “Larus delawarenis”  Length 17 inches”, wingspan 36 inches and weight approx 1 pound.  Common white-headed gull with a broad black ring on its bill and found throughout the U.S.  Often seen near water and restaurant parking lots.  This is an adult photographed in Burns, OR  3/18/2013

_MG_4958 - Version 2

Mule Deer “Odocoileus hemionus”

Sunday, March 24th, 2013

_MG_5060_MG_6224_1Mule Deer “Odocoileus hemionus subsp. hemionus” are generally found east of the Cascades and Black Tail Deer “Odocoileus hemionus subsp. columbianus”, west of the Cascades.  Upper Photo:  This buck is slow in shedding his antlers and he is busy browsing in an area where there was a fire last year.   Near Frenchglen, OR 3/17/2013.  Lower Photo:  The doe was drinking across the lake and paid no attention to us.  Photo:  Near Krumbro Resevoir, OR  7/02/2009

Sagebrush Buttercup “Ranunculus glaberrimus”

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Sagebrush Buttercup “Ranunculus glaberrimus”  Perrinnial, plant 3-6″ tall, leaves generally three lobed, flowers five petaled and approximately 1″ in diameter.  Flowers are bright yellow but may turn white with age.  Found throughout Eastern OR & WA.  Photo: Foster Flat Road near Frenchglen, OR 3/17/2013_MG_5056-1

Benson’s Pond

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

Remnant stone building at Benson’s Pond near the Malheur Field Station.  Great Horned Owls are said to roost in the Black Willow trees but I didn’t see any.   Photo:  3/18/2013 near Burns, OR. _MG_5086 - Version 3

Orange Honeysuckle “Lonicera cilosa”

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013


Orange Honeysuckle “Lonicera cilosa” Honeysuckle Family (Caprifoliaceae).  Perennial vine can climb 10 to 20′,  flowers tubular up to 1.5″ long and orange red in terminal clusters, berries red. Blooms in early summer near wooded areas in Western OR & Wa and in the Blur Mts in the Blue Mts in N.E. OR. Photo:  Near Elgin, OR 6/16/2006

Columbia Lewisia “Lewisia columbiana”

Monday, March 11th, 2013

Columbia Lewisia “Lewisia columbiana var rupicola” Purslane Family (Portulacacea). Perennial, plant 4-8″ tall, basal cluster of persistent succulent leaves, numerous rose/pink flowers. Mt. Rainier, Olympics & Saddle Mt.  Photo: Saddle Mt. near Seaside, OR. 6/20/2005


Western Azalea “Rhododendron occidentale”

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

2007-09-26Western Azalea “Rhododendron occidentale” Heath Family (Ericaceae).  Perennial shrub, 4-15′ tall, flowers white with splotched with pink, salmon and yellow.  Found in damp areas in S.W OR in late spring. This is one of the few plants that I can find by smell.  It gives off a wonderful fragrance and all you have to do is follow your nose.  Photo: near Selma, OR in the S.W. OR Siskiyous 4/28/2007

White Rhododendron “Rhododendron albiflorum”

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

White Rhododendron “Rhododendron albiflorum”  Heath Family “Ericaceae”.  Perennial shrub, plant 3-6″ tall, white flowers in early summer.  Grows alpine/subalpine in the Cascade Mts. of OR & WA.  Photo:  Mt. Rainier, WA.  7/27/2006