My References

The following are a list of my references.  Turner and Gustafson is my bible but they all are useful.

Mark Turner and Phyllis Gustafson¬†“Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest”

Helen Gilkey and La Rea Dennis “Handbook of Northwestern Plants”

Eugene Kozloff “Plants of Western Oregon, Washington & British Columbia”

Robert Ross and Henrietta Chambers “Wildflowers of the Western Cascades”

Georgia Mason “Guide to the Plants of the Wallowa Mountains of Northeastern Oregon”

Donald Mansfield “Fora of Steens Mountains”

Laird Blackwell “Great Basin Wildflowers”

David Biek ¬†“Flora of Mount Rainier National Park”

Morton Peck “A Manual of the Higher Plants of Oregon”

Willis Jepson “Manual of the Flowering Plants of California”

Leo Hitchcock & Arthur Cronquist “Flora of the Pacific Northwest”

Kathleen Robson & Alice Richter “Encyclopedia of Northwest Native Plants for Gardens and Landscapes”