My dad was a logger when he was a young man and he and his dad were fallers for Simon Benson.   They worked as a team cutting down old growth trees with a crosscut saw.  They would fall two trees in the morning and two more in the afternoon.  Dad said that there were big trees as far as you could see and they knew that they could never run out of trees to cut down.  I suspect that he considered that he would eventually have a son that would be pulling on the other end of his saw.  Then came the power saws along with some forest fires and now most of the old growth that is left, is in protected groves.

I ended up on the other end of his crosscut saw when we cut down several second growth firs when I was in the eighth grade.  I also worked with him a couple of summers on small logging jobs when I was in high school.  I limbed trees and I worked as a flunkie on the landing where we loaded the logs on the truck.  Dad eventually left the woods and he became a Longshoreman, retiring as a skilled lift truck operator.   I ended up working in a hospital as a Nuclear Medicine Tech.  The world changed and we changed with it.  Who would have ever thunk it.

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