Friends and Colleagues,

As many of you know, Hitchcock and Cronquist’s
“Flora of the Pacific
Northwest” has been the authoritative guide to the
region’s flora since
its publication in 1973. Generations of students,
academic researchers,
and field botanists have relied on this work to support
their diverse
botanical interests. However, the systematics, nomenclature,
distribution of our region’s flora has changed over the course of 40
due to ongoing research, access to more information, extensive
and the introduction of many new species.

It is within this
context that I am pleased to announce that the
University of Washington
Herbarium (WTU) at the Burke Museum is officially
embarking on an update to
the one-volume “Flora of the Pacific Northwest”
(FPNW). Only about 50% of
the first edition of the FPNW is consistent
with contemporary taxonomy and
nomenclature; the revised FPNW will need
substantial name changes, new
species added to keys, recognition of
additional families, new illustrations,
and updated distribution

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