Burn Permit

CRFPD Burn Permit Rules & Regulations


These are the rules and regulations you must follow for your burn permit to remain valid.


To renew your permit for next burn season visit www.clatskaniefire.org

To check if it is a Burn day; call 503-728-2131 or visit the Burn Permit page of www.clatskaniefire.org/burn-permit

The permittee must take the following precautions:


1. You must have a charged garden hose and shovel at all times.

2. The fire must NOT be left unattended at any time until fully extinguished.

3. All combustible materials must be cleared at least 10 feet around burning area.

4. Burning will be confined to daylight hours on days when burning is allowed.

5. Burning is not allowed during FIRE SEASON, which is generally June 30th – October 15th.

6. A firebreak shall be constructed around the burn site to prevent fire from creeping to adjoining fuels.

7. Burning shall not be conducted next to adjoining vehicles or structures.

8. Burning barrels shall have a proper wire mesh screen in place during use.

9. These permits are valid for the controlled burning of yard debris such as; leaves, sticks, branches and wood.

10. Paper and cardboard should be recycled.

11. Have on site a copy of your valid burn permit.


The following condition(s) constitute “Illegal Burning”:


Domestic open burning DOES NOT ALLOW burning of the following: garbage, plastic, wire insulation, automobile parts, asphalt, petroleum treated materials or products, rubber products, animal remains, animal or vegetable matter resulting from the handling, preparation, cooking, or service of food or any other material which normally emits dense smoke or noxious odors.


1. No valid burning permit.

2. Any fire that is no longer under control.

3. Burning on a “No Burn Day”.

4. Burning of commercial or industrial waste.

5. Not complying with requirements above.

6. Burning of wet materials creating excessive smoke.

7. Smoke drifting creating a road hazard to county roads or state highways.


A fire in violation of any of the above rules may be extinguished at the discretion of the Fire Chief, his deputies, the Oregon Department of Forestry, or Clatskanie Police.


Property owners and operators who are conducting illegal burning may be cited and/or fined for such action.  Costs for fire suppression may be charged, as well being held financially responsible for any fire damage.

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