Wednesday With Morrie

Breakfast in my younger days was always about as exciting as a hyphenated
sentence.  It was pretty much “eat your oatmeal and then you need to get
out of here”.  There were a few times along the way when I went fishing
with the boys and we stopped for breakfast to load up on enough carbs so
that we could fish through the afternoon.  We ate our way through big
stacks of hotcakes, mounds of hash browns, several eggs, link sausages,
orange juice and lots of coffee while we talked about the fish that we
almost caught last time and the ones that we were are going to catch after
breakfast.  It never occurred to me that when I retired, breakfast would
become a social event..  Now my life is church on Sunday and breakfast
with with Morrie on Wednesday.  I know, but Tuesday mornings, I sit in
with my writing group.

We meet Ginny and Morrie at the Pancake House in Longview at 9:15.  We are
usually five or ten minutes early and they show up precisely at 9:15. The
Pancake House tends to be crowded and it isn’t unusual to have to wait
five or ten minutes for a table.  There is no waiting next door at the
Burger King but it just wouldn’t be the same.  We generally order the same
breakfast every week from the same waitresses.  It’s three coffees and
five waters (my wife orders a double).

My sister-in-law usually orders two eggs over easy, hash browns with malt
vinegar on the side, very, very crisp bacon, and a dry english muffin with
butter and marionberry jam on the other side.  My brother-in-law always
orders a big stack of pancakes with eggs over medium and very, very, very
crisp bacon.  My wife Evie, has a vegetable omelet with swiss cheese,
salsa on the side and sourdough toast.  I dependably order a small stack
of pancakes, eggs over hard and crisp bacon.

The Pancake House is fairly noisy but the buzz insulates you from your
neighbors and you can carry on a focused conversation.  We usually chat
about what the grandchildren are up to, what is blooming in the garden and
what book we are reading.  Morrie saves the daily pages of his Rubes
calendar to bring to breakfast  for show and tell and then h leaves them
for his favorite waitress.  Rubes cartoons are more  than a little strange
and I am not always sure why I find them so funny.  Breakfast usually runs
about twenty bucks for two but this isn’t just food, it’s a social event.
After we finish eating we go grocery shopping and then pick up our mail at
the post office on our way home.

Everything is relative and the rest of the week, its a half a cup of Wheat
Chex doused with a little splash of 2% milk, let the dog out and the cat
in and then its a small pot of coffee while I check my e-mail.   Variety
is the spice of life.

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