Autumn musings


In the fall when the geese starting flying, I get restless.  I suspect that there is something in our ancient past that causes me to feel an impending loss when I hear them overhead.  Their calls are lamentations for the passing of the flowers and leaves.  Soon only the firs and the cedars will be left to stand sentinel over what remains.
Now is the time when I begin to think about going on some mor adventures before the cold sets in.  The Japanese Garden should be prime right about now and the Chinese Garden surprises at every season.  The Rhododendron Garden has leaf color and a good assortment of ducks.  There will be lots of bird acivity at the ponds at the Fern Hill Wetland near Forest Grove but you can’t go wrong by stopping by Sauvie Island and the bird refuge at Ridgefield.
Willamette Field Station near Aurora has over a 100 varieties of trees that they are testing for hardiness and they present a great collage of colors this time of year.  Bishop’s Close at Dunthorpe is interesting at every season and the city parks have a lot of potential.  A road trip over the pass to Eastern Oregon to see the fall color of the quaking aspens would be a great treat, weather permitting.
Waterfalls are at their best after the rains set in and places like Silver Falls near Silverton and the falls in the Columbia River Gorge put on a great show.  Storms at the coast are well worth the trip and if you stay for dinner you will see some great sunsets.  And of course, there are lots of water birds that come to visit after the snow birds have headed south.
Mushrooms also vie for our attention when the rains begin.  The Wildwood Recreation Area, 14 miles up the road from Sandy is a nice area to visit for mushrooms and so is the Cape Mears State Park near Tillamook.  Actually any where there are trees is a good place and that includes my back yard.
If the weather gets too wet or it snows, I can stay home and read a book. There is no shortage of good books to read.  And there is always my friend the computer and I can compile and catalog my photos.  And of course, that would be a great time to plan where I would like to go next year.
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