My wife answered a phone call some years back when we lived in Oregon City and and the caller identified himself as a policeman.  He wanted to know if Marvin Kellar was there and she told him that I was attending some classes in Corvallis.  He then asked if Gladys Kellar was there and she told him that Gladys was my aunt and she lived in Parkrose.  The policeman then explained to her that I had been involved in a hit and run accident and they needed to talk to me.  They also called the lab where I worked at Kaiser and gave them the same information.  My wife relayed the message when I got home and I got a good laugh out of it.  I had noticed a  mail box near Fischer’s Mill just over the hill from me and the name was Marvin Keller with an “er”.   I think what happened was his son was driving his car and the police called the wrong Marvin Kellar.  I received a little notoriety at work but I was able to make a joke out of it.

I worked part time at Providence Milwaukie after I retired and one day I did a thallium stress test on Marvin Keller.  That caused quite a stir and he and I had some fun with it.  His wife incidentally, is named Gladys.  He goes by his middle name which is Paul and that helped us keep straight who was who.  I didn’t mention the hit and run incident.  That isn’t the sort of thing that you talk to patients about.  They have enough on their minds when they come in the door.  He was quite a nice fellow and he worked in a plant that makes portable kidney dialysis units.  I worked at Good Samaritan during the middle sixties and one of our young internal medicine docs went into business with an engineer to make portable kidney dialysis units and this was the company that he worked for.

Incidentally, my Kellars go back to the Shenandoa Valley in the seventeen hundreds and at that time my name was spelled with an “er”.  His family tree also goes back to the same place and the same time period.  There apparently were several Kellers that came over from Switzerland at the same time and they were all related.

The world is really very small.

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