Day Dreams

We risk tripping over Alladin’s Lamp when we walk among the sand dunes.  If you should be so lucky, pick it up but be prepared to name your three wishes before you summon the Genie.  What are your hopes and dreams and perspirations?  I know, the convention is hopes and dreams and aspirations but think about it.  Without perspiration, you aren’t going to get it done.  The first thought that comes to my mind is to return to the days that my kids were little and I was still perfect but even the genies can’t handle time travel and we have to be at least semi-realistic.

My first wish would be to get myself in better physical shape.  There are trails that I would like to hike that are just too steep for an old fat man.  I would like to be able to hike up Dog Mountain, Saddle Mountain and Cone Peak on a regular  basis.  I could probably do that but it is definitely in the perspiration category.

My second wish is to follow Spring up the hill.  Flowers bloom in a sequence that starts at lower elevations and moves up the hill as the weather warms up.  I would like to start with the Gorge in March and then go to the Siskiyous in April.  Visit them every other week, stop along the way and travel different routes when I can.

It’s Zumwalt Prairie in Eastern Oregon in May and I would like to have a trailor so that each morning I could take a walk with my camera and a thermos of coffee to see what the flowers are doing.  I would take a few pictures pictures, identify the plants and keep a detailed journal.  After lunch do the same for nearby Mt Emily.  That sounds too good to be true but it is a really great idea.

Spring doesn’t reach the higher peaks until about July and then it’s time to hike up Cone Peak in the Cascades and of course there are the flowers at Mt Adams, Mt Hood, Mt Rainier and the Olympics.  Add the higher peaks in the Gorge and Steen’s Mountain and that would make an unbelievable summer.  Driving to and from these places would also present additional opportunities to stop and observe.

My third wish would be to get myself organized enough to compile my pictures and my journals to make something like a book.  I am not looking for fame or fortune but I would like to put what I do into a form that is accessible for me or anybody else that was interested.  That probably means that I would have to get very intimate with my photoshop program.  There is a certain amount of audacity to even consider a project like this but audacity has always been a pretty good fit for me.

And just in case you think I am a slacker, I would also like to visit and photograph every public garden, park, monument, festival, museum, plant nursery, zoo, celebrated view etc. and add that to a journal.

The way I figure it, “there isn’t much point in being crazy if you can’t do crazy things” but I still have to limit myself to what is reasonable.  As they say “there is no point to eating the whole horse and then choking on the tail”.  Incidentally, my wife came up with the title.

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