My Perfect Day

My Perfect Day

My perfect day to me would be
A day with God beneath a tree,
To watch his animals work and play.
That, I could do for all the day.

A busy insect, the honey bee,
Is seen and studied by fools like me.
If only we had his tenacity
In place of our verbosity.

The grace and beauty of a tree
Few on this world did ever see.
A message from God, it seems to send;
Its calm and peace it does us lend.

To see the deer in its graceful might
I would gladly watch all the day that is light,
And to watch them feeding in the early morn
Makes me glad of the day I was born.

I love to find the violets blue
Yet still wet from the morning dew.
They look as though painted by a brush
And nearby sweetly sings the thrush.

In the brook I can see the trout
Among the crayfish that roam about.
Through the water they can speed,
But they only do it when there is need.

There’s the pretty little birds high in the sky
It is a wonder to me that they can fly.
They warble so sweetly in the early spring
And what a beautiful message their song brings

All these things and many more
Our grand old earth holds in her store,
And so with Nature I would go my way
And that to me is a perfect day.

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