Eugene Sheffield


Eugene Sheffield looked like just another scrawny second grader when he was at school but when he was at home with his bib overalls on, he was a farmer. He was his dad’s right hand man and he did his share of the work. One day he was driving a team of horses down highway 30 near Boise, Idaho where we lived. He was sitting on the metal seat of a side bar mower with a hay wagon along behind him. Something spooked the horses and he had a runaway to deal with. The wagon caught the railing of a bridge over a drainage ditch and the bed ended up cross ways in the road. The horses kept on going and someone rounded them up . ¬†They were still hooked up to the mower but they didn’t find Eugene. We all searched the drainage ditch but we couldn’t find him. Actually what happened, was he got tossed into the ditch along the road and some busybody mistook him for a kid and took him to the doctor. He came back with his arm in a sling but was otherwise unhurt. I have to think that if the person that picked him up hadn’t interfered, Eugene would have just rounded up his horses and gone back to work. ¬†Actually, I was kind of surprised that they didn’t charge somebody for abducting him but they didn’t.
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