They took my tonsils out when I was five. They were going to take out my sisters and probably figured that they could save a trip by taking out mine at the same time. The deal was that if I had my tonsils out, I could eat all the ice cream that I wanted. What they neglected to tell me, was that I wouldn’t want any. They had me blow up this balloon but it was actually a black rubber mask and they poured ether into it. That put me under and I woke up in the recovery room. I had enough of that place real soon and was definitely ready to go home but we had to wait for Jan to get over her nausea.

I got a little bratty and was kicking my legs and my mother told me to “stop that”. I demanded to know why and she said because I “didn’t have any pants on”. I of course, wanted to know where they were and she told me the “the nurse took them”. That offended me and when all of those years when I worked in the hospital, I was careful to keep a good grip on my trousers when there were nurses around. On the other hand, they also seemed to be kind of cautious around me? I thought perhaps they might also have had their tonsils out, but I thought it was probably prudent not to ask.

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