The first train trip that I ever took was the last run from Portland to Seaside when I was in high school. l boarded the train in Rainier with my Granddad and my cousin. Incidentally, they had two more last runs after that one.

I took the train from San Diego to L.A. to spend a weekend with my buddies family when I was in Hospital Corps School. We came back late Sunday night and could see the waves breaking in the moonlight as the tracks ran right along the ocean.

They sent me and some of my classmates from SanDiego, CA to Norfolk VA after we graduated from Corps School and it took us five days. Some folks might think that traveling cross country with twenty sailers might be interesting but it didn’t I do anything for me.

I took the train from San Diego to Portland when I was in the Navy and I thought it was just another long ride.  I bought a car in Oregon for the return trip to San Diego and had three blowouts on my way back south.  Sometimes dull, is better.

I also rode the train from Longview to board a cruise ship that took us to Vancouver and Victoria. The train station is adjacent to the pro football and baseball stadiums and I have heard that there is a large bookstore and coffee shop within walking distance

A trip I would like to take is a train trip from Portland to Sacramento and then on to Denver and Chicago.. I would plan  to stopover in Denver to visit their Rock Garden and the Natural History Museum.  In Chicago, I would like to take in the Art Institute and the Marshal Fields Natural History Museum.  If I come back the norther route through Montana, I can stopover at Glacier National Park. From there it would be through the Northern Cascades to Seattle and then the  final leg of the trip to Portland.

A much shorter version of this trip would be Portland to Spokane and then on to Glacier National Park. Then it’s back through the Northern Cascades to Seattle and back to Portland.

I must confess that I am a bit of a dreamer but most of what I have accomplished started out being unrealistic

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