Drift Creek Falls - Oregon

Proceed 9 miles South on Bear Creek Road from Hwy 18 to the parking lot and trail head. The road is for the most part paved, follow the road most travelled which has an occasional sign that says Drift Creek Camp. It is a well maintained trail and is 1.25 miles to "The Bridge". This is a suspension bridge 240 feet long, 29.5 inches wide with a sway of less than 2 inches and it crosses over Drift Creek 100 feet below. Follow the trail another quarter mile to the falls and of course there is a lot more water going over the 80 foot falls in the Spring than during the Summer. The only catch to this hike is that it is all up hill on the trip back to the parking lot but that provides a great opportunity to stop and enjoy the native plants growing along the trail. Additional information is available in the hiking books published by Paul Gerald and William Sullivan.

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